This is a series of 1x1" daily drawings of plastic waste I started making for #DrawingADay challenge hosted by House of Illustration. Inspired by John Vernon Lord who made 366 drawings during the leap year of 2016, the brief was to make a square-inch drawing every day for the whole month of September 2018. Although no particular theme was required for the challenge, I decided to draw pieces of plastic rubbish I found on my local beach. I used gouache on various type of scrap paper that would otherwise go into the recycling bin - cardboard, cartridge paper, traditionally made Korean tissue paper, etc. I also used paper I made from waste paper. And to my surprise, I was chosen by John Vernon Lord as the winner of the challenge - you can see the announcement and two other great runners-up here and all other entries here.

After a month of drawing, I felt that 30 small drawings didn't really show the abundance and the variety of plastic waste I saw on the beach and decided to continue the series as a personal project. My (nearly) daily updates were shared through Instagram and Twitter. The posts can also be viewed on my blog.

I made these daily drawings for a year, and all 365 drawings were exhibited for Dorset Wildlife Trust at the Wild Seas Centre at Kimmeridge Bay. 

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