Folktale Week 2020 Day 4: Solstice
Red Bean Soup Granny & Tiger
A tiger tried to eat a granny who was working on a field of red beans. The granny begged the tiger to wait until the winter solstice when she would have harvested the red beans and made soup out of them. So the tiger came to tea on the solstice day, to eat the granny and red bean soup!
The tiger went into granny’s kitchen. As he tried to taste the red bean soup, baked chestnuts popped out from the furnace and burned the tiger’s eyes. He put his head into the water bucket to cool down his eyes, and a turtle bit the tiger’s nose. Retreating from the bucket, the tiger stepped on cow dung and slipped. Then a punch poked his bumhole.
The tiger took a big fright from all these attacks and tried to run out of the kitchen. One last blow came from a grinding stone that jumped and fell onto the tiger’s head, and the tiger passed out. A mat wrapped the tiger tight, and a timber carrier took him down to the river and threw the tiger away. Then the granny, chestnuts, turtle, cow dung, punch, mat and timber carrier had a red bean soup party! 
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