Folktale Week 2020 Day 3: Courtship
The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl is a folktale in China, Korea, Vietnam & Japan. 
The Weaver Girl(Vega) was god’s granddaughter and the best weaver in heaven. She fell in love with the Cowherd(Altair) who was the best farmer ever, and god permitted them to marry each other. 
But when the newlywed couple spent all the time together without doing any work, god separated them with the Milky Way in between and only permitted them to meet once a year. 
On the lunar seventh of July, the two of them ran to the shore of the celestial river to see each other, but there was no way to cross over. The crows and magpies took pity of them as the couple weeped, and formed a bridge over the Milky Way. The rain on the seventh of July is said to be their tears of joy.
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